Van Life & Family Life – The Perfect Match

Van Life & Family Life – The Perfect Match

When it comes to planning a holiday as a parent it can take a lot of work. From deciding when are where to go, how much to spend and what to do when you get there, it can be a minefield to say the least. This is where hiring a campervan and planning a fun-filled adventure is a fantastic option- just watch 12 year old Katie’s video for proof!

Quality time as a family

One thing you may be asking yourself is will the kids like it? We’re here to promise you that even just one holiday in our family friendly, 4-berth campervan for hire ‘DANI’ can create some of the best memories that will last a lifetime- if you don’t believe us, then scroll down to see 12 year old Katie’s own campervan vlog!  

We really do believe that van life and family life are the perfect match. As a child growing up on campervan and camping style holidays even the smallest details could become something memorable, like waking up to the sounds of the countryside or the sea, the excitement of climbing up the ladder to sleep in the top bunk or even just sitting in the dining area and eating way too many of the strawberries that we’d just been out to pick. 

There’s a certain novelty that comes with hiring a campervan that kids can’t help but love, and for you, the parent’s, you’ll love the fact that you’re travelling in a home on wheels. With all the creature comforts of a house, not only are the kids able to relax in style but you as parents can enjoy some quality time with the family, without any of the stress and mess of setting up tents.

Budget-friendly family holiday

Let’s not forget that this moving home means that you can travel all across the UK at the push of a pedal, and that doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive. Our 4-berth campervan ‘DANI’ is fully designed with families in mind. If you want to, you can add on an optional BBQ, coal and outdoor camping table and chairs if the kids fancy a wilder camping experience. We know that the last thing any parents want to do after their holiday is tackle the piles and piles of clothes washing, and so we also offer the option of hiring our gorgeous bedding so that you don’t have to make the beds- you are on holiday after all!

‘DANI’ also comes fitted with a HD TV/DVD so you and the kids can settle down and enjoy a classic movie night, you can toast some marshmallows, make some hot chocolate and then relax in the cosy warmth and security of the campervan- take a look at our gallery so that you can picture your family in our campervan!

We really wanted to be able to make our campervans affordable for everyone, in fact we are one of the very few campervan rental firms that offer unlimited miles at no extra cost, so you can explore as far as you’re willing to travel without it impacting on your budget.

Create memories that will last a lifetime – watch Katie’s campervan vlog

Since we started, we’ve been lucky enough to meet families from across the North West, all excited to spend quality time together and create memories that will last a lifetime. We’ve seen parents with small children, through to toddlers, young kids and even teenagers! 

We once met Katie, a 12 year old girl from Chester who had planned her families entire holiday to Scotland herself. She created the itinerary, and thankfully for us, she vlogged her holiday along the way. Once she returned home, she even created a fantastic video of her campervan holiday. If you’re unsure about whether a campervan adventure is the right idea for your family, then give this video a watch. 

Hassle-free family holiday with campervan hire

You may now be asking yourself but where should we go? With the UK having some of the most beautiful travel destinations it can be hard to pick the best route for the whole family, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. 

In our eyes a family friendly campervan holiday means fun for the kids and relaxation for the parents, so to make your experience as stress-free as possible we offer a free route planning journey. We don’t just suggest what area to go to, we go as far as checking campsite availability and putting varying budget suggestions together. We can even suggest the most scenic roads to drive on so you can play the best game of eye-spy with the kids.

Van life and family life – the perfect match

So why not take the plunge? We’re certain that once you pick to take the family campervanning and experience all the joys that this novelty holiday has to offer, you won’t ever want to think about booking a flight again. However, if you still need some convincing why not check out our reviews or visit our Facebook or Instagram pages where we post real feedback from other families that have taken to the open road with us at Calico Campers.