Top 10 Road Trip Tips

Tried and tested road trip tips including ways to plan and stick to a budget.

So you’ve got your campervan holiday booked – hopefully with us at Calico Campers! You’re now starting to plan your time, consider where to go, how long it will take to get there, where to camp, or whether to wild camp, what to take with you, how you’ll keep the kids entertained, what kind of food you’ll need to take…the questions go on and on and on don’t they!

Don’t worry, this is our time to shine. We’re here to put forward our tried and tested tips on planning and sticking to a budget to ensure you have the best road trip adventure possible. We’ve enjoyed campervans, camping and travelling together for 11 lovely years now, so we do have a bit of experience and wisdom (if you will!) to pass on.

Top 10 Road Trip Tips - the wide open road

To plan or not to plan?

1. Marry-up where you want to go with how long you are going for; try to avoid unrealistic or overly-long journeys.

2. Expect delays or detours to be a part of your trip – if in the end they’re not, then bonus! But at least if you plan them into your journey they won’t come as a nasty surprise. Don’t forget to think about motorway driving during rush-hours or bank holiday weekends, or single-track roads to popular destinations.

3. Wherever you’re going, there will always be a nice road to enjoy to get there. More often than not, you might think the quickest road is the best option, but sometimes an extra 30 minutes on your journey is so worth it for the scenery you’ll get from a back road.

4. If you’re not the planning type, that’s great! BUT, one thing to plan is your journey essentials; a map, water and snacks. Campervans like ours that come with a toilet are perfect because even if you end up a bit ‘lost’ you’ll never be caught short.

5. Have you got kids? Then you’ll more than likely be the planning type. Think about what you can bring with you to keep them entertained on the road trip; our nieces and nephews have been away with us before, they would recommend colouring books, reading books, sticker books, travel games, music to sing along to, and if you’re in a Calico Campervan, they’ll be able to watch the TV or a DVD; that should keep them quite for a while!

Sticking to a budget?

6. Some of you might have never driven a long-wheel base van before – it’s worth knowing that they gozzle up a bit more fuel than a 3-door hatchback! Whatever type of van your campervan is, it’s worth finding out what the MPG is and then calculating how many miles you plan on doing, this will give you a rough estimate of how much you will spend on fuel on your adventure.

7. Are you a campsite lover? We’ve done our research and we know that the cost of campsites in some popular destinations across the UK have gone up since the Covid restrictions were lifted. Call ahead and check that 1) they have availability and 2) how much they charge.

8. Always carry a bit of cash, especially coins. Change is great for things like tolls and car parks. A lot of beautiful places to enjoy your lunch or take some photographs at now charge for short-stays, so have that change ready.

9. Food glorious food…have you thought about what kind of meals you want to enjoy on your holiday? Are you going to prepare three meals a day in your campervan, or will you also be eating out? Either way, your campervan should have plenty of kitchen space and perhaps even a fridge – like the Calico Campers have – to store the essentials to help keep the costs down.

10. Make the most of the great outdoors. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to enjoy a walk, a hike, a dip in the sea or a picnic in a forest. If your budget allows, then make sure you plan some awesome activities as well.

Don’t forget, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want us to personally help plan your holiday.