No Flight? Free Night.

No Flight? Free Night.

If your overseas flight is cancelled this year, don’t worry, we’re here to make sure your holiday happens.

If your flight is cancelled, we will give you free campervan hire

Given the recent and ongoing overseas holiday cancellation crisis, we’ve decided to try to help turn a negative into a positive. 

Like you, we’ve been really saddened to hear the stories of countless holidays being cancelled by providers like Tui, British Airways and EasyJet to name a few. 

Thousands and thousands of holiday goers have had or will have their long-awaited overseas holiday snatched away from them, but hopefully we can help. 

We’ve launched “No Flight? Free Night” to make sure holidays happen. 

Our promise is this; Free campervan hire

Upon proof of a cancelled overseas holiday for 2022, we will give away one free night in either our 4-berth or 2-berth campervan alongside a new booking. 

This means that even if your 2022 summer, autumn or winter holiday is cancelled by your holiday operator, you can still get to enjoy a holiday at a fraction of the cost. 

How to take advantage of “No Flight? Free Night”

  • We will require written proof from your holiday, flight or travel operator of the cancelled flight 
  • The name on the cancelled flight must be the hirer or driver name on the new booking with Calico Campers
  • All Calico Campers usual booking terms and conditions apply- and under this special offer, if you book for two nights, you’ll get the third night for free. If you book for five nights, you’ll get the sixth night for free etc. 
  • Simply provide written confirmation of your cancelled flight to us along with the dates you would like to book a campervan, and which campervan you would like to hire to – please do not book through the website and then try to claim the free night back 
  • We will extend the “No Flight? Free Night” offer to anyone who has proof of a cancelled flight throughout 2022
  • Each customer has 12 months from the date of their cancelled flight to take advantage of our “No Flight? Free Night” offer

Cancelled flights everywhere

Did you know that airline operators Tui have confirmed that they will cancel six flights per DAY throughout June 2022? This means that in just one month, 180 flights won’t be taking off and 34,000 holiday goers won’t be enjoying their long-awaited vacation. 

It’s not just Tui who are having problems. British Airways have announced the cancellation of 124 flights from Heathrow on 7th June, and popular airline EasyJet have cancelled 35 on the same day. 

We’re sure that you have seen the chaotic and frustrating scenes from Manchester Airport. Here at Calico Campers, we could think of nothing worse than being so excited to start your holiday and then having it taken away from you sometimes just a couple of hours before you’re set to fly. 

Hopefully, our “No Flight? Free Night” incentive means that even if you are one of the very unlucky ones to endure a cancelled overseas holiday, you’ll still get to have a fantastic holiday with Calico Campers