New Year New Campervan Adventures

Is a campervan adventure on your 2023 bucket list? It should be!

Campervan hire in 2023

Happy New Year to all of our Calico Community and all of our social media followers! We hope that 2023 brings you health, happiness and most importantly, we hope it brings you the opportunity to tick a campervan adventure off your bucket list.

If a campervan adventure isn’t on your 2023 bucket list, then it really should be! Why? Because 2023 is being deemed the year of adventure. For those who love to travel, this year could really open up the opportunity to appreciate what the UK has to offer.

Calico Campers

2023 : The Year To Travel 

With the restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic all but gone, 2023 is the perfect year to adventure to places within England, Wales and Scotland that you may never have visited before, but always wanted to. 

Isn’t that what the start of a new year is all about? Reflecting on what you want to get out of life, making a promise to yourself to ensure you achieve certain aspirations and then ultimately fulfilling them? 

Here at Calico Campers, we think so. Our Chester campervan hire service is perfect for families, friends and couples alike who want to tick a campervan hire adventure off their new year resolution list this year.

Where will you travel to this year?

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to do the incredibly popular- and for good reason- Scotland’s North Coast 500 route? 

Or have you always said you’d love to spend a summer on the crystal clear beaches of Cornwall? 

What about making sure that this is the year of mini-breaks in the UK? Spending just two or three nights away with your other half, recharging the batteries, spending quality time together in places you’ve always wanted to weekend at, like The Lake District National Park, or the Yorkshire Dales or Northumbria. 

However you want to travel in 2023, make sure you consider hiring a campervan from an award-winning and five-star rated Chester campervan hire company like Calico Campers.

New Year New You : New Years Resolutions

This might be the year you decide to finally get stuck into a more physical challenge and resolution. Perhaps in 2023, you decide to take up running, swimming, hiking or even cycling?

If a challenge is what you’re after, then we know there are some incredible organised running, swimming, hiking and cycling challenges on offer throughout the UK, throughout the year.

Outdoor events and campervan hire

You can easily combine your 2023 running, swimming, hiking or cycling challenge with campervan hire. Hiring one of our campervans for your outdoor event or challenge is the perfect way to make the most out of achieving a new year goal.

Running events and campervan hire

Imagine your first ever marathon running event is taking place in Yorkshire in 2023. You’ve put months and months into training for this day and you finish the race, your friends/partner/kids are at the finish line cheering you on. You finish the race and achieve your 2023 new year resolution.

Now imagine how even more lovely this achievement would be if you could then simply and easily retire after the race to your warm, cosy hired campervan. Pitched up somewhere with a gorgeous view for you to rightfully enjoy and savour after such a wonderful day. 

No messing with having to drive yourself back home after running a marathon, that’s the last thing your legs will want to do!

Hiking, wild water dips and campervan hire

And if your goal this year is to hike more, maybe even incorporating some wild water dips into your UK hiking adventures, then why not hire a campervan and use the campervan as your base to explore some of the well-known areas to hike. 

Cycling and campervan hire

Your 2023 new year resolution might be to participate in one of the many incredible organised cycling events that happen across the UK throughout the year. They range in distances so depending on your level of training you can always choose one that is going to suit you. 

When you hire a campervan from a company like Calico Campers for your cycling adventure, be sure to check out our 4-berth campervan for hire, DANI. This particular campervan for hire comes with a bike rack as standard. 

The 4-berth campervan for hire is perfect for those who like cycling, because you can take your bicycle anywhere with you, even to the outdoor event or challenge you sign up for!

The campervan DANI also comes with an external shower hose, perfect for cleaning your muddy bikes after the race and for cleaning those muddy legs too!

Campervan hire and your 2023 bucket list

Perhaps we are biassed, but understandably so. We think that everyone should hire a campervan at least once in their lives (we have customers who hire every year!) and we do everything we can to ensure that hiring a campervan is accessible to all.

Whether you struggle with mobility, disability or mental health conditions, hiring a campervan is for you. It’s for everyone. It’s for families, friends and couples alike. We are even a dog friendly campervan hire provider- we love dogs and we think dogs love campervan adventures too!

So if you want to tick a campervan adventure off your bucket list this year, then please, consider Calico Campers. We’d love to welcome you to the Calico community