What is #VanLife? And is it for me?

What is #VanLife? And is it for me?

‘Vanlife’ has sparked something in you hasn’t it? It’s peaked your interest, and brought you here, to us at Calico Campers.

So what is #VanLife, and is it for you? Well hopefully now we can explain a little bit more about what we believe the concept of ‘vanlife’ actually is, and you’ll leave knowing whether a campervan holiday- the ‘vanlife’ experience- is for you!

To us, ‘vanlife’ means freedom; freedom to hit the road with no idea where you’ll end up; freedom to pack light; freedom to be yourself and the freedom to enjoy each other’s company.

What is #VanLife? And is it for me? View from a campervan.

That doesn’t mean that you have to hit the road without an end destination in mind, it also doesn’t mean that you have to pack light (but trust us when we say it’s just more enjoyable and easier to do so). But what vanlife will naturally give you is that freedom to be yourself and to enjoy the company of whoever it is you’re with- or to enjoy your own company if you’re travelling solo!

So, do you want to know if #vanlife is for you? Try answering the below questions, and have a think about how the questions make you feel.

Am I up for #vanlife?

  1. Do you enjoy driving or being a passenger? YES or NO
  2. Does the feeling of being on an open road excite you? YES or NO
  3. Do you enjoy driving through beautiful scenery? YES or NO
  4. Are you able to pack relatively lightly for a holiday? YES or NO
  5. Do you enjoy outdoor activities? YES or NO
  6. Does the thought of waking up somewhere different every morning excite you? YES or NO
  7. Do you enjoy exploring? YES or NO
  8. Do you like travelling and being in close proximity with your loved ones? YES or NO
  9. Do you enjoy preparing camping-style meals? YES or NO
  10. Are you good at planning an adventure? YES or NO

Hopefully you’ve answered YES to the majority of those questions, but if you haven’t, don’t worry. We’re quietly confident that if you’ve never enjoyed a campervan holiday before, your first experience should be with us. We promise to look after you 🙂