How To Keep Costs Down With A Campervan Holiday

How To Keep Costs Down With A Campervan Holiday

Since the global pandemic that took the world by storm, the amount of people travelling abroad has reduced dramatically; not only that, but the people who are booking holidays are finding that flights are being cancelled, there are issues with baggage controls, and so much more. Our question to you from this is why not just stay in the UK and enjoy everything this magnificent country offers? 

Have you ever considered packing your things into a campervan and touring a specific part of the country? Connecting with the outdoors and your inner adventurer could be one of the best holidays you will ever have. Not only will it be an experience like no other, but it is also a cheaper option, which is not always bad. There are various ways to keep the cost of your next holiday down when you choose to use a campervan. 

Our team here at Calico Campers want to open up the doors to a world of adventure and outdoor thrills with our campervans, and that is why we have put together this blog post highlighting all the ways you can keep costs down with a campervan holiday. If, after you have read our latest post, you have any questions or queries, get in touch with our team today!

Hiring Is Better Than Buying

Hiring a campervan instead of buying will keep costs down, but people think if you buy your campervan, it will cover the cost of multiple holidays, but that is not always the case. One of the main reasons we would always recommend hiring over buying is that when you are not travelling and exploring, your campervan will just sit on your drive, unused. With campervans coming in all shapes and sizes, you will always have the perfect van when you use a rental company. 

For example, here at Calico Campers, we have Archie and Dani, suitable for couples or families, ready to go whenever you want to use them. With our campervans, you will always have the insurance coverage you need for the campervan that you need; with this insurance, you only need coverage for when you are exploring, but should you buy a campervan, you would need to work out things such as road tax, vehicle insurance and much more. 

Hiring a campervan from a company like ours removes all the stress and worry of buying a campervan, and it also allows you to find the right campervan that works for you and your holiday needs.

Make Sure You Do Your Research!

If you have decided to go for a holiday in a campervan, you must ensure that you have done extensive research! You should always make sure that the campervan company you choose provides insurance for the vehicle when it is in your care, as well as different mileage options. By conducting proper research, you will be able to find companies with your best interests at heart, exactly like the team here at Calico Campers. 

Another aspect you should consider when planning a campervan holiday is to consider how you can reduce costs through the facilities on offer. For example, you will have to use your energy resources if you pitch up on a campsite with nothing available. Choosing a suitable campsite with utilities and on-site facilities will help you save money on electricity and water usage costs. 

Being close to nature is undoubtedly one of the most refreshing experiences you can have but making sure you do your research before going is also important to ensure there are no hidden surprises! 

Avoid Peak Season On Campsites

If you don’t have to holiday during the school summer holidays, you’ll save money on campsite fees. Unfortunately, during the school summer holidays, the cost of staying at a campsite is higher than at any other time. So, if you can hire a campervan and start your adventure any other time of the year, this would be a great way to keep costs down. 

That said, some campervans for hire like ‘ARCHIE’ are powered by solar energy, meaning that you don’t need a campsite. Our campervan ‘ARCHIE’ has been on long road trips without needing to be plugged in at a campsite, keeping costs significantly low any time of the year! 

When we talk about off-season travelling, we refer to the months between September and

usually around April. Travelling during the off-peak season can make a massive difference to the cost of not just the travelling side of things but any activities you want to do while you are there. Also, there are many benefits to holidaying during the Autumn and Winter, especially in a cosy, heated campervan.

Think About The Fuel Costs

With a campervan holiday, you need to consider a range of necessities along the way, one of which is fuel. The biggest tip we can give you is to avoid service stations on the motorways, always do your research and find the cheapest fuel in the area. You can do this with a quick google search or even by downloading an app. 

It is generally a rule that supermarkets provide the cheapest fuel so if you are heading out into the wilderness to explore the countryside, make sure you fill up before you go, do not get caught by a panic petrol station visit when you realise you are low on fuel. 

Another way to help combat the amount of fuel you are using is by ensuring you are economical with your campervan; driving sensibly and keeping your van as light as possible will always help. Remember, if you find a place to pitch up facilities, you do not need to take as much stuff with you on your holiday. 

Choose Calico Campers For Your Campervan Experiences Today

If you’re looking for an affordable way to see the world, a campervan holiday might be just what you need. Campervans are cheaper than renting a car and a hotel room and offer more flexibility since you can go wherever you want. 

Plus, plenty of great camping spots across the UK will let you experience nature whilst saving money. Contact Calico Campers today to learn more about our campervan rentals and start planning your dream vacation! Embrace the outdoors on your holiday this year, and we promise you will never look back!