Camping is back!

Camping is back!

But where will you adventure to? Wonderful Wales? Bonnie Scotland? Or good ol’England?

Camping is BACK! It’s been a pretty awful and overwhelming eighteen months hasn’t it? We can’t quite believe that at long last, the UK is returning to some level of normality, and to us at Calico Campers, our normal is being able to travel and explore this wonderful country we’re lucky enough to call home.

Most of our evenings are spent reading travelling blogs, travelling books and scrolling through travel accounts on Instagram…and we know if you’re reading this, you probably do the same! How exciting is the thought of jumping in a campervan, starting the engine, and starting your holiday. But where to go first, I hear you ask? The possibilities are endless!

Camping is back! We've missed roasting marshmallows.

Being based in Chester, wonderful Wales is just around the corner, and that’s no exaggeration. And what a wonderful country it is too. Places like Anglesey, Snowdonia and Barmouth are perfect for shorter journeys if you’ve only got 3 or 4 nights to enjoy on the road. If you can be away for a little longer, enjoy the long and windy roads to Pembrokeshire, Cardiff or the Brecon Beacons; you won’t be disappointed! Want to know where the best waterfalls are, or the quietest beaches in Wales are? We can help you plan your trip.

And now to bonnie Scotland! You may not know, but Calico Campers have very special connections with Scotland, we travel there a LOT to see family. Because we’ve spent a lot of time in Scotland, we’re super familiar with some of the best roads to drive on, and some of the best places to visit. We’re not claiming to be experts, but we’re pretty darn close! It’s an incredibly beautiful country, and really not that far to get to. Perfect for a 7, 10 or 14 day adventure so that you can really ‘enjoy the drive’, as my Dad would say.

Scotland also offers campervan lovers the chance to hop on a ferry and explore the Scottish Islands; something we did back in 2018, and we couldn’t recommend it enough. The Isle of Arran being a highlight! Sweeping hills and coastal roads welcome you as soon as you come off the M6; and you may or may not believe us, but it’s always sunny in Scotland.

Last but by no means least, good ol’England. What a country to explore in a campervan! It’s almost impossible to know where to start. With us being Northerners, we’ve naturally spent more time in the top half of the country; we’ve explored The Lake District, The Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, Whitby, and the many wonderful campsites across Cheshire and Greater Manchester. But we’ve not ignored the South. We’ve adventured through Cornwall, Devon, Newquay, and Southend-on-Sea. We also went further down to Folkestone and hopped on the Eurotunnel to France in a campervan…but that’s a story we will tell another time!

If you haven’t already figured it out yet, we’re VERY excited that we can travel, explore and adventure again. And this is the fundamental reason why we set up Calico Campers; to pass on the joy of campervanning across the UK. If you’re new to this way of holidaying, we welcome you with open arms; you’ll never look back.

So, where’s YOUR next adventure going to take you? And most importantly, when?

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