About Us

About Us

Who are Calico Campers?

In a nutshell, we’re just campervan enthusiasts!

If you’ve ever campervanned before, you’ll know the incredible feeling it gives you, and if you haven’t, we’re here for you.Β 

Based in Cheshire, we’re perfectly placed to help you explore the incredible beauty this country has to offer, and with free unlimited miles, there’s plenty of exploring to be done.

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Our best bits


Our story…

Calico Campers was born out of a long-lasting love of travelling, planning adventures and feeling free. There’s no better feeling than packing light, making a last minute plan, and hitting the open road, not really knowing where the day might end. Being in a campervan gives you an exclusive pass to seeing the most VIP parts of the country; because you can get lost, drive down a curious-looking road and find some incredible places that you wouldn’t have even known existed.Β 

We’re all guilty of relying on the internet to literally tell us where to go, what to eat, where to sleep, and as helpful as the internet is for sparking ideas, the real joy is in driving along and finding a road that looks interesting, and discovering somewhere truly stunning and unexpected.Β 

Having owned another campervan that’s not part of the
Calico fleet, spreading the joy of a campervan adventure was always something on the bucket list.

Calico Campers was set up to create a community of campervan lovers and to spread the joy of road trip adventures, because we should never take for granted the beauty this country has to offer. Handing over one of our campervans to a customer is so exciting, but the best part is when they return and they have had the best time. Hearing your stories, seeing your pictures on our Facebook and Instagram page and reading your reviews makes all of this worthwhile, so thank you.