10 Tips to Campervanning with your Dog

10 Tips to Campervanning with your Dog

Looking for dog-friendly campervan hire? Want to know what to consider when you take your dog on a campervan adventure? We’ve got you covered.

10 things to know about dog-friendly campervan hire

As dog lovers ourselves we know that taking your four-legged-friend along for a campervan adventure can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you’re travelling to the Scottish Highlands, the Welsh coast or maybe just somewhere a bit more local. These following tips are here to make sure that you and your dog experience the joy of campervanning bliss, with only a few muddy paws.

If you’re thinking about making sure your dog can join you on your road trip adventure, make sure you consider hiring from us at Calico Campers, because all our campervans for hire will always be (very!) dog-friendly.

Campervanning with your dog- Tip 1

Starting with the important yet boring stuff, do you know the highway code? Whilst travelling with your dog in a campervan your safety along with theirs should be top priority. Although most dogs would love to have their tongue flapping in the wind, the highway code asks for them to be secure and restrained. So don’t forget to grab the dog seatbelt and clip them in for the ride.

Campervanning with your dog- Tip 2

your dog will have a microchip to help identify them, having their details put on an id tag and attached to a collar, can help reunite you if they decide to go exploring alone. This is especially important when you are campervanning with your dog because you might be somewhere your dog has never been to before, and so the risk of them getting lost is slightly higher. Be sure to include the important stuff such as their name, your name, and your mobile number. 

Campervanning with your dog- Tip 3

When you’re packing away your favourite bikini for your campervan holiday, don’t forget to pack your dog’s favourite toy. A simple check list can help with the little things and save you from doing a mid-holiday trip to the pet shop. To help get you started here’s some essentials to include: f
ood and water bowls, dog food, poo bags, any medication, dog towels, lead, their usual bedding. 

Campervanning with your dog- Tip 4

Keeping on theme with items to pack, a must add to your list is a tie out stake. This handy piece of equipment can be a great help, as your dog is free to securely explore whilst you get things out of the campervan…and maybe whilst you crack open the wine. 

Campervanning with your dog- Tip 5

One of the big worries when it comes to campervan travel with a dog, is how to handle the heat, especially during the summer months. Keeping windows open and letting in a breeze as you travel can help keep the interior cool for the ride. A quick temperature and pavement check can also save burnt paws, most importantly though, don’t leave your dog in the campervan on those hot days.

Campervanning with your dog- Tip 6

We all like to go on holiday feeling and looking our best and that’s no different for your dog. A quick groom before you go on your campervan adventure can help limit moulting in the campervan and for our extra fluffy friends it can help keep them cooler during the summer.

Campervanning with your dog- Tip 7

One of the great things about using a campervan as opposed to the standard tent and poles is their versatility to go anywhere. Maybe one day your parked at the beach and the next day you’re traveling through country lanes for a nature retreat. Whilst some destinations you visit maybe completely dog friendly others may require stricter supervision, so a quick online search before you go can help answer a lot of questions. If you plan on eating out in a restaurant or you want to go to a cafe, bistro or pub, make sure the places you want to go allows dogs in. 

Campervanning with your dog- Tip 8

While on the road it’s a good idea to stop every few hours and let your dog out for a toilet and water break. Service stations make great sniff spots, especially if you are on a long campervan journey. Combining this with a small walk around the service station grounds, provides plenty of different smells which can help tire out your dog for the next leg of the journey.

Campervanning with your dog- Tip 9

One of the best ways to ease your dog into your campervan holiday is to stick to their ‘at home’ routine as much as possible. For example, if you usually go for a walk in the morning try and do this whilst your away. Feeding your dog at their usual time will also help in creating a sense of stability, whilst you’re roaming around and checking out the views.

Campervanning with your dog- Tip 10

If you do decide to hire a dog-friendly campervan from a service like ours at Calico Campers, we would love to see your four-legged friends enjoying their roadtrip adventure too. Whilst you’re away, be sure to take plenty photographs of your dogs enjoying the campervans for hire. You could even tag Calico Campers in to your photos on Facebook or Instagram, and we will always share them with our followers!